7    LEVELS      DEEP

Your homework for this session is to complete the 7 Levels Deep exercise as follows:

Take a sheet of paper and write the numbers 1-7 leaving a space between each number for your answers. On question number 1, you simply ask yourself "Why am I here?"

Then for each question thereafter, you ask "Why is that important to me?" 

Please see the example below....

Level 1: Why Am I Here

Because I hate my day job and I have to get out of that.

Level 2: Why is that important to me?

Because I feel unappreciated and worked to death with little time for my family.

Level 3: Why is that important to me?

Because my health is suffering and I want to spend more time with my wife and kids.

Level 4: Why is that important to me?

Because I'm, not getting any younger and I don't want to reach a point where I cannot do the things I want to do with my family because I am not fit and healthy enough to do so. Time is going so fast and my kids are growing up fast and I don't want to miss those special moments.

Level 5: Why is that important to me?

Because they are only kids the once and I want to make sure we have an amazing quality of family life and make memories together from all the wonderful things we experience and the places we travel to. 

Level 6: Why is that important to me?

Because I wont get a second chance at this and my job does not give us the financial security and freedom to do what we want to do, so I need to take action now.

Level 7: Why is that important to me?

Because being an entrepreneur and building my own business is the ONLY way I can see me taking control of this situation and creating the life I truly want for me and my family. I cannot see any other solution to this problem, so now is the time. I simply cannot put it off any longer.

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